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Tourism in Buffalo

With the Buffalo Renaissance comes an increase in tourism.  It is amazing the amount of out of towners who visit the Queen City (along with expats returning home to see the changes).  

Upon opening our doors we were told that there would be tons of tourists, but were completely overwhelmed with how many there actually were!

Talking to most of them we realize that the ones from out of country are visiting the United States and visiting most big cities on the East Coast (New York City, Toronto, Pittsburgh, etc).  Many of them stay in Buffalo to view our architecture and take day trips to Niagara Falls!

Where are they from you ask?  All over the United States of course, but the different countries is what amazes us!  Some of our favorites:

England, Poland, France, Italy, Australia and Greece.  The ones we wouldn't expect are: Japan, China, Mexico, Finland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Indonesia and so many more!

The picture posted is of our new friends from Finland who were in Buffalo for Finnish Fest!

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