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Closing the South Buffalo Location

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Making the decision to close one of our physical locations was a huge and tough one to make. There were many different reasons for closing our South Buffalo location.  South Buffalo is our home and where our roots are.

We are so grateful to everyone in South Buffalo for supporting our dream and being so gracious. We know that the neighborhood will continue to make all the positive changes that can show all of Buffalo how amazing SB truly is!

There is so much heart and love in SB. It's an amazing community for everyone.  Thank you again to South Buffalo for allowing us to build our dream for five years. If it wasn't for all of the great citizens, we would have nothing. We are so happy to call you our friends and family.

Now that the South Buffalo location is closed we are able to focus on the downtown location. We are able to bring the best of what Buffalo has to offer in a different part of town.

Downtown – 617 Main Street (in the Market Arcade, near Shea's) Buffalo, NY 14203

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