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Buffalo Adore Gift Guide for Sports Fans!

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Buffalo Adore Gift Guide for Sports Fans!
Buffalo sports are everything to us in the Queen City, if you have a sports fan on your list - we've got them covered.
1.  Buffalo Hats - Football and Hockey colored Buffalo hats are a crowd favorite for anyone.  They stretch so they should fit most sized heads.
2.  Jersey Koozies - Represent your love for football with three of the great's jersey numbers.  Available in a four pack.
3.  Buffalo Gloves - Sports colored gloves will keep your loved ones hands nice and toasty warm while playing outside or shoveling show off the car.
4.  Sports Home Decor - So much rustic sports fan home decor is available here, each piece is one of a kind.  So you don't have to worry about them having any item already.
5.  Shades - Zubaz inspired shades are a great addition to any sports fan's closet.  Sunglasses are just as necessary in the winter as they are in summer, so you can't go wrong!
6.  Buffalo Scarves - Buffalo sports inspired scarves are a great add on to any gift, you don't have to worry about a size and everyone in Buffalo needs a nice scarf.
7.  Buffalo Prints - These graphic designed geometric sports themed Buffalos are a unique addition to the home or fan cave.  
8.  Sports Kitchen Towels - Get your loved one a little sports inspired gift for their kitchen.  Have a certain request?  Just ask us!

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